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Customer Service and Support

At ChefDesk, we believe it is our responsibility to go above and beyond when it comes to POS customer service. We are transparent, proactive, and determined to do everything in our power to make our customers’ businesses and experiences successful.

High-tech Troubleshooters

Free remote support allows our team to diagnose problems on your system instantly, anywhere in the world

Hardware Gurus

Premium hardware support is available to help you diagnose bigger, hairier hardware challenges.

Bulletproof Backups

Prevent data loss with automatic and secure daily back-ups.

Full System Configuration

A dedicated member of the ChefDesk team will work closely with you to build functionality customizable to your specifications. Revenue centers, kitchen prep stations, menu modifiers, you name it! We’ll take a pass at everything you need, review it with you, and tweak it until your system is just right.

Installation & Network Configuration

Every restaurant is unique. That’s why ChefDesk Implementation Specialists visit your restaurant for a site survey. They want to learn the in and out of your restaurant to configure a secure, fast network. Internet outage? No problem. We’re confident in both our online and offline functionality.

In-Person Training & Go-Live Help

To learn the system and train your staff quickly, we want to give you a boost. A ChefDesk team member will come onsite and host a workshop customized to your configurations, as well as remain on-hand the day you go live to make sure everyone feels not only warm and fuzzy, but confident, about their the new system.

Email & Phone Support

No problem is too small for our support team. When we install the ChefDesk POS system, we create a secure and scalable wifi network that runs on your routers. The router allows us to provide network management services and support around the clock. That way, our support technicians can actually see the exact issue you’re experiencing and come to the rescue with a solution.

Training Center

Forgot how to add a modifier or adjust employee permissions? No worries. Just plug your question into our exclusive customer hub, where servers, managers, and owners can explore various features and functionality at their own pace. The portal includes training videos and interactive tutorials to guide you seamlessly through the restaurant software and answer any question you might have.

POS Software Updates

As a ChefDesk customer, you automatically receive brand new features and upgrades to our existing features through our monthly software releases. Long gone are the days when a system sat on the counter and collected dust, growing older and slower. With our Android POS software, you’ll always have the newest features and the most up-to-date system powering your operations.

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Chefdesk is crafted and engineered to solve simple to complex business problems with ease and highest quality.